Got an old stripped washburn maverick series guitar lying about that i am going to be putting some pickups in soon. I have decided on the seymour duncan sh4 bridge pickup but dont know alot about single coils. It is an hss setup so what do you guys think i should do for the 2 single coils?
I like bands like baroness, tool, inflames, three, dream theater yada yada. This is going to be my spare guitar for if anything goes wrong with my nighthawk when gigging. Any help greatly apreciated.


Am I wording the question wrong or not giving some information? I thought most of you would have an opinion on this.
I have 2 HSS Strats. Both of them have the JB (SH-4), in the bridge. In one, I've got Duncan Antiquity singlecoils. I absolutely love the sound of them. Best singlecoils I've ever had. They're a little pricey, but definately worth it.
In the other, I've got Fender Texas Specials. I like them too, but not as much as the Antiquities.
Hope this helps.
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