I've never heard of that brand...

I think it isn't that good for the price because they don't show how it sounds without being amped. So maybe they're using a high-class acoustic guitar amp and therefore it sounds quite nice.

+ I can't find any description of the wood that's been used...

I won't buy it. I'd rather buy one from thomann (www.thomann.de), so you can send it back if you don't like it (for free, within 30 days).

Edit: justed checked the "brandname" and the link posted there... leads me directly to the ebay profile. So it seems to be a private-brand of the shop that's offering it. (+ 10 pounds for postage is a bit exaggerated for a shop)

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I'd stay away from it to be honest, especially if they don't show it unplugged,

Also Reeen has a good idea with Thomann, it's a great site.. I get plenty of my gear from their, they sell it fairly cheap..

Plus you can always trust them with our referals..