I've just done a couple hours' worth of research of acoustic strings. It was between acoustic D'addario phosphor bronze strings and Elixer's nanoweb strings. I've sort of decided against Elixer because, although D'addario is said not to last as long, I'd rather have strings that don't have tendency to break. What do you guys think of it?
as far as acoustic strings go, i've found that elixers last a looooong time. actually i'm not sure i've ever broken one. i just change them when they start sounding like regular old strings. i only get the nanowebs though, the polywebs bother me.

Elixer electric strings have more of a breaking reputation.
i use elixer nanoweb on my acoustic and they've never broken.

I've you tend to strum really hard (aka you already break strings a lot) then it may be something to consider.
no they dont ive used elixers on my guitars for the past two years and on my acoustic ive bought maybe three packs within that time. the strings i have on my acoustic now ive had on there since june and still now rust and they still sound great. elixers are the best strings ive ever used
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I've broken several G's of Elixir nanowebs, but on average they last much longer than any others in my experience.

*edit* only the acoustic phosphor bronze, the Elixirs on my electric are still perfect after several months.
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I've never broken elixir strings, but d'addarios (sometimes they even broke after a couple of hours :/)

I'd buy elixirs, especially if you have more than 1 or 2 guitars and therefore don't use every single guitar that often. So the strings might sound much longer fresh because they don't oxidate that fast!

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I've had a set of Elixirs on my acoustic guitar for as long as I can remember. Before I sold my old Schecter C-1+, I had a set of Elixirs on there for about a year. Unless there's something wrong with your guitar (sharp frets, imperfections in the bridge/nut/tuners/etc.), I think you'll be fine.
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Elixirs are the best acoustic strings, in my opinion. I've never had a string break on me and they last a very very very long time.
it depends on the neck tension and on what gauge you are using.
I dont see why they should break if you have a proper bridge and tuners...