I'm looking into purchasing a noise gate because with my pedals I get a bit of feedback and at high volumes I get quite a lot. What I want the pedal to do is be able to be engaged all the time when switching from clean to distortion then back to clean etc. and I want the pedal to not suck hardly any tone. The less tone it sucks the better :L

There are 3 pedals I'm looking at:

MXR Smart Gate
ISP Decimator
ISP G-String Decimator

But I have a few questions:

Which ones are/aren't true bypass?
Which sucks the least tone?
What's the difference between the standard ISP and the g-string? Is it worth the extra money?

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out of those...definitely get an ISP

you won't need the g-string unless you're planning to run it in your signal chain AND the effects loop on your amp. So i'd just get the regular ISP if you plan on running it out front of your amp and save some cash.

the difference between the regular Decimator and the g-string is the number of 'channels'. The regular one is one channel...so you can run it in one place at a time (in front of the amp to kill noise from your pedals, cables, guitar, etc.) or in your effects loop (to kill feedback from your amp). The g-string has two 'channels' and you can run in both places at once. It's also got a tighter compression gate ratio (like the rack mounted Decimator Pro does)
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ISP G String if it's in your budget. The difference between the G string and Decimator. Is that you can use the 4 cable method w/ the G string.(run it through the loop and guitar at the same time) The decimator can only run in the loop or in front of the guitar.

IME the ISP's don't suck any tone whatsoever. Great gate's. I cannot say anything about the MXR's though.
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OK thanks guys might have to get it shipped over to UK though because cheapest I can find it in the UK is £150. It would cost me $150 (including shipping) from the US which is only like £100
I was about six there. You don't want to see me go to ten. Get your shit. We're going to my room.