I have heard that lemon juice and honey help your vocals and should be drunk/eaten the day before a show. does anyone know of any others that help, or things to stay away from.
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I hear milk is bad for your vocal cords.
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you can sleep with a humidifier. itll help make sure your throat doesnt dry out. bananas will give you flem, along with milk
Stay away from salt/sugar. They dry out your vocal chords. Lemon will help clear your throat. Dairy products will cause you to have buildup in your throat.
Yeah I hear concentrated acid seems to work. You should try it.
Just avoid having dairy the day you perform and drink an assload of water, you don't really need anything else TBH
avoid alcohol

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I spoke with the owner of a recording studio about this very fact. I drummed for the band but I was curious. He said the two worst things are alcohol and milk. Alcohol dries out your throat and makes it scratchy. Milk or any dairy coats your vocal chords with a phlegm that you will cough up frequently if you try and sing. He said if you're recording, for a week before, you need to stay away from dairy. For a live show you don't need vocals that pure, so for the day of and day before, stay away from dairy. For helping, water with lemon is the best, the acid cuts any crap thats on your vocal chords. If you're throat is sore, tea works great with honey and lemon. The honey and tea soothes, and the lemon cuts the crap like with water. Make sure the tea is decaffeinated, because caffeine will affect your vocals as well. Soda is also horrible for your vocals, though much easier to get out of your throat with some water.
Yeah, good technique. I think Mekchrious pretty much hit the nail on the head with regards to all the different stuff that's bad for you. One thing to really avoid is any beverage of extreme temperature. If you're gonna be singing soon, drink only room temperature water. If you consume anything really cold or hot, it's a shock to your cords.

I don't personally believe there's anything that will improve your vocals. They're best when they're not obstructed by anything. Sprays and all that shit; forget it. That being said, tea may help if your cords are stiff because it's cold outside, but only warm tea, nowhere near hot. It's only meant to soothe them. I still think room temperature water is the best you can do for your voice.
I heard a lot of beer will help you to growl. LOL. it was a joke. was it?
I know someone do this...

But anyway, I think nobody mentioned smoking. If you want to sing, quit smoking. Better do not even start.

My mistake. In previous post was a little about smoking.
a small serving of bouron or whiskey will clean most anything out of your throat but only if followed by plenty of room temperature water or lukewarm tea, honey, or lemon.
I heard the only alcoholic beverage Matt Bellamy drinks is red wine because he says it doesn't dry out his vocal chords.

Bellamy on red wine - "This is a glass of red wine, which is the first thing I drink when I come offstage. Red wine is the only alcohol I ever drink onstage as well; I don't usually drink onstage, except water. We did a few gigs in the early days and it was the only alcohol that I found that didn't dry me out. It seems to lubricate things quite well."
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