After playing for over three hours or so the dents that have developed in my fingertips start to hurt...because I typically fret with the same exact part of my fingertips...

Should I be using the same exact part of my fingertips to fret the strings anyways??

I heard if you visualize the string being fretted rather than visualizing your fingers fretting the string, youll start fretting with different areas of your fingertips...its worked for me but im not sure if its beneficial to be fretting with different areas of your fingertips every time around?
You're using too much pressure. It doesn't take much to press the strings down. The only times I've actually had "dents" in my calluses is when I was doing some exotic 2 step bends and stuff like that. For normal fretting, I've never had them. Anyways, you should try to be pretty consistent with your playing. Use the part of your finger that works for you.

And if your fingertips actually start to hurt, take a break for a bit. You've probably worn down a lot of your calluses and the area is sensitive again.
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I actually get those dents too, and yes many chords DO require that much pressure.
It depends what kind of guitar you're playing, how thick your calluses are, and what you're playing. I get dents in my fingers sometimes. The more you do it, the less it hurts.
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I sometimes get a dent in my index finger from bending and whatnot but it doesn't hurt me...
But now my dent is gone cause I had to get strings and I was stuck getting 9s instead of my normal 11s.
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I get dents too...so much so that I occasionally sand my callouses down a little to make my fingers look round again LOL!

I play a LOT of sliding chords and I have really bad technique for vibrato...so I end up digging in a little bit too much sometimes.

If it hurts a lot, give it a rest... find something to play in drop D with power chords to take some strss off your fingertips while still letting you get some practice in. Focus on your picking and/or strumming.

You'll find with the drop D stuff, you don't need to focus so much on your fretting hand, letting you progress faster at improving your strumming or stuff like gallops and/or faster down picking.

In a couple days, your finger tips will be stronger than ever.
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Just give it a few days of rest (not playing as hard) and it'll stop hurting, and callous over. After that you fingers will be more resistant, and you can play "hard" again, but after a few days they'll start hurting again. Do the same rest and play hard cycle over and over, and over time, maybe a few months they'll stop hurting all together.
Just take a little rest. It will be a lot easier over time but don't keep doing it past when its hurting so much.
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it's fine to switch up your finger placement a little bit. i also switch to electric when it bothers me too much. i can play electrics all day. i actually end up with my joints taking a beating before my finger tips.
I usually get the same thing when I do a lot of extravagant string bending. A good way to tell whether or not you really should be getting those dents is if you are getting them from normal playing. By normal playing I mean basically anything that doesn't require a lot of pressure on the strings. This is not including bar chords and the like of course.

So if you're having the dents from normal playing I would first worry about not being quite so tense. If it's from string bending or the like then it's perfectly normal and yes, those dents will form and hurt for quite some time until you really toughen your fingers up.
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ever heard the phrase "playing `til your fingers bleed"....you don`t actually want to start bleeding but it`s just something your going to have to go through....like a right of passage, play til you can`t play then rest.