I tried looking to fit this into one of the other boards on this forum, but overall this seemed to be the best place for it...

Obviously, what was the last song that you learnt on your Instrument?

Only say you learnt the lyrics to a song if you are actually a vocalist...

I am a Bass player and earlier on I learnt How You Love Me Now by Hey Monday on the Bass... your turn .
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Your Decision-Alice in Chains.
fairly simple.
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Deep Elem Blues - The Grateful Dead on Guitar
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Maybe Bombtrack - RATM or Bloodmeat - Protest the Hero (both on bass).

I'm currently learning March of the Fire Ants by Mastodon, on the guitar.
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Feeling Good - Muse on bass.
Schism - Tool on bass.
Scarified - Racer X on bass.

I can't remember any recent songs I've learnt on guitar. I spent most of my practise time jamming with myself on my lovely telecaster that I've been away from formonths.
After christmas my practising will resume.
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Your Decision-Alice in Chains.
fairly simple.

I almost put that one, GREAT SONG. Both guitar and vocals.

Sleep Apnea-Chevelle. Easy enough
fade to black lead guitar and the vocals

i hate being leads on vocals and guitar but nooo nobody else in my band can sing and play

oooh well i is awsome-ish lol
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Forsaken - Dream Theatre, on guitar.
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alive of pearl jam , guitar
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Seasons In The Abyss by Slayer.

My friend got me the album for Christmas, and I loved it and just picked something to learn.

I learnt Dead Skin Mask a bit beforehand though.
wake up - three days grace on guitar and vocals.
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Blue Eyes Blue - Eric Clapton
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Hallelujah by Jeff Buckly. Guitar and vocals. Super easy, but always a crowd pleaser.

True that.

I learned Nothing Else Matters - Metallica, guitar and vocals, and Drive - Black Stone Cherry, same again.
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Haven - Dark Tranquillity on guitar.
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Bixby Canyon Bridge by Death Cab

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Blue, Smashing Pumpkins

One of their best songs.
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Bite the Pain-Death-guitar
Fade to Black-Metallica-Vocals
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Right Side of the Bed-Atreyu

fun solo!
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