Check out my band by the name of Last Call. We're from Sanford North carolina.
Our line-up consists of Two guitarists, a lead vocalist, a drummer and, a bass player. We get a lot of our influence from older thrash bands and a lot of modern metal.


I uploaded some new tracks to the page so you guys can get an idea of what we sounds like, I hope you enjoy them
Agile ps 900
Washburn Wi
Rogue bass

all running through podfarm platinum XD
Not bad. Really tight playing. I'd like to hear it once you get some vox recorded.

Check out my band:
We play prog/thrash/traditional metal.
I like your overall sound, its the sort of metal that i like. But you need tracks with that Tia chick singing. If she screams, that'll ruin the whole effect... Unless of course she goes for like the occasional scream and she's just pissed off the rest of the time.
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I like the beginnging of both songs a lot, then after 1,5 minute or so I lose interest.

Also I'm not really digging the sound. But great potential, really nice stuff