I'm sorry but your singer is really lacking. This seems too common for talented groups. I do like your influence list for sure, you have some good taste .

The band seems relatively tight too very tight in the live recording so thats a really good sign. The actual guitar work is pretty good and at moments i was really impressed, but then the singer would immediately take me back out.

The main thing i would suggest is to try and tighten up the band as a whole a bit more, that part is good but could still be better to make the songs really pop. I honestly see so much potential though coming from the guitar department, the rest of the band sort of got drowned out in the mix for the live recordings so i can't give to much crit there, but the instrumentation seems well structured. I didn't hear the drums or bass come out of time so i would say keep doing what your doing and work with the rest of the band to help build that tightness.

Also since most bandmates don't really want to tell their singer to get lessons so, hear i'll do it for you...

Dear singer: you need singing lessons, your singing is rather sloppy and it needs to be more precise tone wise and staying rhythmically on time. If you don't like this because of the typical singer ego complex, then you should probably just quit singing because vocals are an instrument as well and yours need practice/lessons just like bassists, guitarists, and drummers. Hopefully that is not your attitude and you will accept constructive crit but in my experience that has not ever been the case.
The music, especially lead guitar was amazing. I agree that yyour singer needs a little works, but I think he has potential. He can hold a note, he just to work on keeping his tone consistent. I also recommend that he doesn't spell his name "AyJay", but that's just me.
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I agree with everyone here, everyone but the singer is amazing. However, You needn't a new singer....im sure he'll progess sooner or later.
singer does sound like he has potential. i like the overall atmosphere of the band a lot, nice to see other ontario guys on here...markham is down near london isnt it?
i have time, check out my band (see sig.) we're about an hour away from ottawa
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To me the vocals didn't really sound bad. He has a lot of room to grow, but I wouldn't call him a dud.