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I thought you meant Charles Manson. I was all like

Now I'm all like
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dwelling on past mishaps is for the weak. you must stride into the future, unabashed and prepared to fuck up yet again.
I don't like him, seems waaay too weird.
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I seem to attract girls.
Which is annoying, cos I'm a girl and I like cock.

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Being an idiot should be illegal too.
I'm... speechless. He kind of looks like Nicholas Cage.
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You think you're any better, swamping in sexual filth with fangs bared and blood red eyes? I see through the cold blood of you reptiles, none of you can do any good to a world that I need to fix.

Apparently, me.
woah that's pretty wierd, he just looks kinda pervy now.



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A woman's perspective is great, you get to stare down at least one top without anyone caring.
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He's sexy either way.

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LedDaveZeppelin, You are so awesome.
How did he get such a fit girlfriend.
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How is that jackass going out with a fine piece of ass like

Same reason he was married to Dita Von Tesse and was once dating Rose McGowan.

The sex is probably good and he's probably funny.
Who. The Hell. Cares?
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I tremble before your enormous penis.
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and i farted, it was really stink
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Led Pepplin, you are god because of this thread.
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Old news....and nobody cares....
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That's not marilyn manson. That's Brian Warner.

MM's mild-mannered alter-ego.
Who'd have thought he'd look like a regular human male without the freakshow makeup? I expected his head to be a mirror of his body like some sort of crazy reversed playing card.

I think the only reason Marilyn Manson wears the make up is so that he doesn't get arrested for the murder of Dumbledoor.
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yo tambien
What the hell's a tambien?
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its like basic math. 1 + -1 = 1
Wow, he's normal.
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I think white people are better than black people.
While this statement is kinda racist and straightforward, it does have many FACTS to back it up lolz.

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How is that jackass going out with a fine piece of ass like
*pic of sexiness*

Because he's rich and famous, most likely.

And if it's not that, he's probably packing.
You mean he only dresses like that on stage for shock value?

no wai!
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if someone sigs this i will be fairly displeased.

Lady Gaga has a penis! >>EVIDENCE<<

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You mean he only dresses like that on stage for shock value?

no wai!

Yeah, I doubt if people ever saw Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley walking down the street in their makeup
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It's just The Man trying to bring down us negroes.

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Just go out in a silk dressing gown and ask them if they've ever been penetrated
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Sunn O))):
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You could always just sleep beside your refrigerator.

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You mean he only dresses like that on stage for shock value?

no wai!

Also, when he walks around in public without makeup, nobody probably bothers him.
Looks like a pretty normal dude.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

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*Young Manson*

He'd actually look quite handsome without that ferret around his mouth.
He looks like the jowly, middle-aged love child of Nicholas Cage and Will Ferrell.
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