Hi, I have a original 5150 head, Sometimes the 5150 can be muddy/unclear, and I find that an overdrive helps some with that issue, I was wondering if there were any rack units or pedals that any of you guys have found to improve the sound? Thanks
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I heard that an EQ can tighten up that amp a lot.

This is what your looking for TS.

I run a MXR 10 band EQ on my 333 and 6262 and it will surely have the effect you are looking for. Night and day.

put it in the effects loop.

3 pedals i use with my gain all the time are 10 band eq, decimator, and ts-9. Love my tones.

The eq makes most difference though.
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not really what ur after but u cant beat a bit of chorus on the clean channel too :p