To repeat myself, I have a DOD Flashback Fuzz FX pedal. I like the bite it has, but it sounds a little too thin. I would like to mod it to have a bit more low end, some heft, it you will. I want it too sound a bit more like a EH Big Muff Pi, but still be able to attain it's raspy quality.

Any tips, suggestions, instructions on how to make the necessary alterations?

I know pretty much nothing about wiring, capacitors, diodes, and whatnot so if you could answer me, using the smalleast words possible (pics also much appreciated) I would be most grateful.
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Answering my own question, and I'm sharing the answer in case anyone else cares to know.

According to http://www.diystompboxes.com/cnews/mods.html

"Increasing bass response in and out of distortion box

If the box has a small value input or output capacitor like.01uF, you can change the capacitor to a larger value such as .1uF and this will feed the unit more bass. If you change the input capacitor to a larger value, you will put more bass into the distortion circuit. If you change the output capacitor to a larger value, you will output more bass after the distortion."

You can buy them at http://www.amazon.com/Matsuo-Leaded-Tantalum-Capacitor-RADIAL/dp/B002ZAKYP4 , $9.60 for 25 of them.