Rewind two years.

I am in my 3rd year of high school, and now have to pick the subjects I want to take at GCSE. I am in a place where I have become bored of playing guitar, and haven't picked it up for several months on end. Instead, I've grown fond of art, and for those reasons, decide to pick art as my final GCSE instead of music.

Forwards two years.

I hate art now, and wish I'd picked music instead. However, I still haven't picked up a guitar for more than 5 minutes at a time, and I really want to get back into guitar. Needless to say, my guitary muscles aren't what they used to be, but I can still play to a decent standard. I used to be your average teenager and play metal, but I have a classical guitar. I'd like to begin playing it, and I've already got a basic understanding of finger-picking, and can make a cheapo capo if needs be.

My question is, what are some good techniques to know, and if possible, could you provide me with something to learn from.
Call me Matthew.
dude u have an amazing oppurtunity
just start over from the begining as if u never knew how to play
idk why but my opinion is the funnest part of guitar is wen ur first starting and learning how to play
Yeah when you know little, guitar is really fun cause you start discovering shit, especially if you spend as little time as possible on a computer.

Pick up a song/chord book, and start learning from there.
I do both mainly because I learn alot on this site but also cause it has lessons that actually improve your playing instead of making it worse. i was picking totally the wrong way till i started reading some of the tutorials on here.