Hey UG, I'm here again looking for tips on what I should focus on next. I've been playing for about 6-7 years, but I always end up giving up for a week or two, and I know it's not helping me. Here's my current situation;

-I'm fine with theory, I know major, minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor, pentatonic minor and blues scales. I consider myself decent on the theory side.

-Altho getting better slowly, my playing still sucks. The hardest stuff I can play are simple Metallica and Megadeth songs, excluding solos. I wish to be a lead guitarist, but yet I'm still a fairly poor rythm guitarist. I'll end up giving up any songs I try to learn because I want to play death metal, which is way too hard for me. I also tried simple songs with simple solos, like Paranoid, but it's still too hard, as slow as I go.

-I'm trying to developp a practice routine, but I don't really know what to focus on. Should I still focus on the rythmn for now, how should I practice my scales? Been improvising a lot, but it always ends up sounding the same.

-I have nobody to jam with. I only know two person who play guitar. One is very serious and way ahead of me, the other doesn't wanna hear anything bout scales and theory, and he's always too drunk to play.

So what should I do and focus on?
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On the subject of actually getting better, I feel as though you're better off getting advice from others, however, I do have a few tips.

If you have a friend who's better than you, get together with him. Just because he's better than you doesn't mean you can't jam with him, and there's probably plenty you can pick up from him. You have a friend who's advanced, take advantage of that, learn from him!

Obviously, if you're not that good with rhythm, then yes you should focus on it, though not exclusively. However, it's a bad idea, IMO, to be unbalanced as far as rhythm/lead goes. Just practicing scales isn't really going to get you that much better at playing, though occasionally running through them is useful. If songs are giving you trouble, 'as slow as you go' then obviously you're not playing slow enough. If it's still hard for you and you're playing 'slowly'? Slow down some more. The point is to only play as fast as you can such as you can hit each note perfectly, not just 'as slow as you think it should be and that's it'.

... You're giving up songs that you want to learn because you want to play death metal, which is way too hard for you. Well, not to sound rude but that's not much of a reason in my opinion. If there's a song you want to learn, regardless of what genre it is, I say go for it. There's a lot you can gain from -any- genre, regardless of whether that's your chosen genre or not.

If you want to know what to focus on for a practice routine, first determine what are your weakest points. I'll use myself as an example. My legato playing is great and all, but my sweep picking could use some work. Same with my tapping technique. And I could definitely use some work in the chord department, seamless chord changes to be exact. So I have, say, 2 hours to work with. I'd arrange it something like this.

7 1/2 minutes warming up
30 minutes practicing sweep picking
30 minutes practicing tapping
30 minutes practicing chords, chord changes
15 minutes practicing hammer-on/pull-offs
7 1/2 minutes cooling down

Obviously, this schedule could be changed around a bit if necessary. I don't necessarily need to practice specific exercises only for each part of my practice, I can play parts of a song that I know is giving me trouble and has, say, sweep picking in it if I'm focusing on that right now. Main point is, focus first on your problem areas so that they can be evened out with your strong points. Of course, don't -neglect- your strong points either because in that case you may still unbalance yourself.

As far as improvising goes, it's a bit harder for me to give advice on that, however the first thing that I would recommend is getting a hold of a few backing tracks that you can use, assuming that you haven't already. My brain's dead, maybe I'll put some more up on this later.

Now cue everyone else coming in and smacking me down. Like I said, much better idea for you to get other people to give advice on this whole deal since they have much more experience than myself, but I tried.