Sup,Ihavent played the bass before and Im going to buy a bass while the X-mas sales are going on. i need bass players opinions on which brand is the best for

* A amp
* a bass
* Strings
* Care products

Leave your opinions here please thanks
This is all very subjective, and you should definitely try as much as you can get your hands on before buying something. But, if you want opinions: I really like Acoustic for amps, IMO you can't get much better for the money. I haven't tried a very wide variety of strings, but Ernie Ball Super Slinkys work for me. Ibanez is probably the best for overall value, very good basses for the money; Squier and Traben are also good for the price. I've owned an Epiphone Thunderbird for a little over a year, and while I don't hate the sound a lot of people do. I have had problems with the strap buttons stripping out and having to be epoxied back in, and of course neck dive and fret access are atrocious; I wouldn't recommend it.