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I want a Telecaster, and it so happens that this one even has the 3 saddle bridge so I won't have to do anything to it (maybe new neck pup, but that's just a mod, the one there works fine, I've played it). The only problem with this guitar is the god damn rosewood fretboard. I was looking at the Standard MIM tele's there that are like $400, and they've got maple necks, and sure I'd have to buy the bridge for them, but the bridge is cheaper then a new neck for this one..

Then I looked at the price for these 60's tele's on the fender site and they are like $1200.. So should I just scoop this up and buy a new neck, or just go for a standard MIM?

A 3 saddle bridge is like $50, maybe $100 for a real vintage one. A new maple tele neck is like $500... But I would save that on that one if I were to buy it.. So I don't know what to do here..

EDIT: It also happens white is my favorite tele colour

EDIT2: Also I should add all my current guitars have rosewood fretboards, I have nothing against them, but maple necks are way better feeling and so smooth, I've just never found a good guitar (for me) with a maple neck (that wasn't like $3000).
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How 'bout a nice used highway one....

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you can definitely find a new neck for that cheaper than $500. mighty mite makes some great necks for $100 each (keep the price in mind, you only get a tiny bit more than what you pay for with those) and warmoth necks are amazing. the mighty mite necks for telecasters only come with 21 frets, and warmoth necks come in whatever shape, size, and finish you could possibly want. custom ordered or ordered from their showcase, both options will be less than buying a fender neck.

warmoth is licenesed by fender too, so same size, shape, and fit. just won't say "fender" on the headstock unless you buy a logo for it. it will, however, be awesome i've ordered a few things from warmoth and have never been disappointed.

EDIT: here's a maple neck with awesome figuring. it'll be a bit more with a finish, and will still be only $400 at the very most. even has some "flame" on the back of the neck


EDIT 2: just saw you were in canada so my USD prices are a bit off. warmoth might still be worth looking into, and the option of saving up to get a nice fender made neck is still an option. my nashville tele has a rosewood neck also, which i was disappointed about at first, but i've definitely gotten over it. i've always played rosewood, so (like you) wanted a maple neck to try something new.
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