Hi guys, first time poster here, long time user of the site

I want to buy a nice classical guitar for my 18th. The one I have now is "the first" guitar everybody has when they start playing, a cheap £20 job from Argos.

I'm really into playing fingerstyle lately so that's why I want a classical.

I'm really looking into the Yamaha NTX series, except theres a 700/900/1200r

What's the difference between them all? Because they all look the same to me.

The 700 has laminated nato back and sides and a solid spruce top (species undefined), the 900 has laminated maple back and sides and a solid engelmann spruce top, and the 1200R has solid rosewood back and sides and a solid sitka spruce top.

Things to consider:

Solid woods will sound better than laminate, but will require more care as they are more sensitive to temperature and humidity and could get damaged if you don't make sure the humidity level is around 50%.

Engelmann spruce has a warm tone with a good amount of overtones and is very responsive to a light touch (great for classical). Sitka spruce is less warm and responsive than engelmann, and has less overtones.

Nato is like a cheap alternative to mahogany, so the tone should be similar, which would mean a balanced sound with slight emphasis on the mids. Medium overtone content. In between rosewood and maple as far as responsiveness goes.

Maple is very bright-sounding. Just about no overtones. Less sustain, but very "quick" response.

Rosewood is very rich sounding, with lots of overtones, bright trebles, deep bass, and scooped mids that fall into the background. One of the "slower" woods out there.

Personally, I'd forget about the 700 and try out the 900 and the 1200R. But that's just me, because I'm not a huge fan of nato.
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