And you'll never believe what happened. I went in looking for a small practice amp for my bedroom. The salesman Mike (yeah mike what a normal name right?) asked me if I needed any help, and I told him that I'm looking for a bedroom practice amp for under $250. He then suggested a few amps and I tried them out.

While I was trying out amps, we had a nice conversation about modelers versus budget tube amps. In the end I settled on a Vox VT15. I traded in my old MG15 for $30 and he knocked an extra $10 off so I payed about $165 for the amp.

He was even nice enough to print out the Vox rebate form and an extra receipt for the rebate. All in all, the experience was very pleasant and I found guitar center employees to be very patient and knowledgeable.
There have got to be A FEW good ones out there, congrats on finding one.
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Unless its electronic drums.

I totally thought I was going to have to reply "Well, your first mistake was walking into Guitar Center."
its always good to meet pleasant "peasants" (j/k) . yesterday i got my guitar set up for free! yayz