Here is actually my first sort of finished song. I want to put a solo somewhere but don't know where yet. Most of it is there though.

Don't mind the intro, it will probably go away xD

Also I'm no drummer, so if there are any flaws/it is cheesy, don't blame me...

Would like some critique!!!
Piano intro is really cool. The following guitar riff is really cool, no problems there really.
I'm not sure how I feel about the next section. It just might not be to my personal taste but it's good. The next section is a letdown though. It's just too simple and boring really, I think you should shorten it maybe.
The next odd riff is pretty cool, the drums are pretty poor for it though I think. I don't know about the ending of the 4th and 8th bars of the riff though, seems a bit out of place.
The fill in bars 46-47 are really cool and it's a good transition to the next section which is pretty cool.
The odd time signature section makes for a good break and it's nice, fits in well. Flows into the next section nicely.
I'm not sure about the section from bar 84, I think the guitar needs to be less simple. I like the synth chords though. Don't really the transition into the odd section though.
There's no problem with the ending but I think you kinda went for the easiest option. I think there could be a bit more to it.

Think you could take a look at mine? I guess it's the same genre as this
The third section (intro not counted) is probably gonna have some vocals or something over it, because it will indeed be too boring when this song remains instrumental.

And yeah the ending was partially because I wanted this up and done xD
So yeah, still needs some work but I think I'm getting there, thanks for the crits!

Looking at yours now
The intro is nice and the riff that follows if pretty catchy (in a good way).

The riff in bars 14-21 I like and dislike. The melody is cool but the slides make it sound... very happy. Can't quite explain. It might just be guitar pro.

Bars 22-23 are a nice switch from the"happier" melodious part to a darker part.

The riff in 24-31 is pretty generic. I mean it works well but it's still generic. Perhaps you'd want to spice it up in some way?

The progmetal-esque riff from 32-39 is something I totally dig. You were stuck on sixteenth note patterns for a large part of the song and it got... annoying. But this broke clear of it.

The lick at the end of bar 46 reminds me of Michael Romeo and his tapping (that's a compliment btw).

Aha, more proggy stuff from bar 48-57. Me likes.

The 15/8 part from bars 59-71 could be done better. Right now it's... hmm. It's too static. The solo guitar is too inactive and the keyboards are holding that one chord. Change some stuff a bit. Or make the solo a bit more interesting. This part could be so amazing.

You go back to the constant 16th note rhythms in bars 76-83. Don't get me wrong, I think your chord progression is excellent but the rhythmic pattern just isn't that great. Maybe it's because of the drums. I don't really know but that's how it sounds to my ears.

Bars 84-95 change things up rhythmically, which is excellent. Although the progression is cliche, but hey, how original can you get with progressions without going too far into theory.

Bar 96 deserves its own line. It was totally out of the blue and unexpected. Loved it.

Bars 105-113 bring back one of the best riffs in the whole song. You should exploit this more. Btw, what happened to the bass there?

Overall... the song isn't as great as it could be. It has too much fat on it. If you strip a few of the more stagnant and static parts or spice them up, then the song would be amazing. A solo should totally be there in the 15/8 part and possibly continue to bar 83. I'd start it slow or something and then bring it to a climax at the end of the 15/8 part and then sustain the climax for a bit.

Anyways, that's all I could come up with. I'd be nice to label your passages with 'verse' 'chorus' etc. Makes the song easier to figure out. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=22709798