When I try to play along with iron maiden records my guitar sounds too flat or too sharp, any idea why? Everybody who covers iron maiden songs on youtube sounds just like the song their playing, you know?
I have standard tuning. Just had my guitar on service aswell.

Sorry for any bad grammar and english.
I would assume half step down, that's how i play there stuff, they're pretty straightforward, i don't see them as a band that uses crazy tuning
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only thing i can think of (even though you say its just been serviced) is that intonation and or tuning is wrong.
make sure your tuning to 440 hz
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Im pretty sure they do standard... maybe some drop D... ask the guys who covered it

maybe your tuning yours wrong...

what guitar you got... maybe the pups just suck for iron maiden
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Don't they use standard tuning? In an interview i heared Adrian Smith mention he mostly uses standard tuning but likes to experiment with drop D aswell.
Try playing along with AC/DC. Same problem. In the Studio, the song was sped up or slowed down accordingly to suit the band, causing the pitch to rise or fall. I have a whammy pedal to correct the pitch when I want to practice along with the original CD.
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