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I have lost interest in my Fender Twin. I fell in love with the Mesa Boogie Express 2:25 amplifier, so I decided Id sell my Twin and use the money to buy the Boogie. I posted my Twin on Craigslist for what I thought was a more than reasonable price for an essentially brand new amplifier($1,300). I have not even owned her for more than a year, and it probably has less than 5 hours of use. I have all the tags and manuals etc.

Here is the information on this amplifier:

So what do you think I should sell it for? I understand the economy has made selling objects hard, but I'm not going to give it away for free either. Put yourself in my shoes...please..no UG smart asses. I really want to get rid of this before I move.

Thank You, All help is appreciated.
considering you could buy a used fender twin on guitatcenterused for about 1100 i think your price is a little much, brand new fender twins new cost about 1600 and it sucks but amps are like cars the second you take them off the lot the price goes down alot. mesa boogie 2:25 cost 1150 new so try going to guitarcenter and asking for an even trade.
I bet you can sell it for $1K ...maybe $1,100 tops. At $1,300 I think it will take a while for someone to take it.
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Well the thing is that I believe a lot of people confuse these with the twin reverb. Its not. Its a damn TWIN, and its not the red knob ones either. I have gone to all the guitar stores in my area and none have the Twin, they have plenty of reverbs and all those. I really havnt seen a Twin in my area. Does it make a difference?

Btw, Thank you for your opinions and prices.
Around here they are not selling for 1,000, even perfect. I bet $800 would get it out of your hair in a heartbeat.

But at 1,000, you might be able to wait it out and get that.

$1300 just isn't going to happen, IMHO.
i have been seeing similar going for about 750 to 1100, it would be a hard sell for me, you can get a vintage music man for 400/500 usd.
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