I have had a green one for a while, was wanting another in black but came across this cherry burst one on Ebay for a great deal recently, $250 shipped with case and just had to go for it.

I love these guitars, even new ones are reasonably priced, play and sound great! They have a thinner body style which makes playing strapped easier yet it retains a great thick tone overall. I have tried other brands even real expensive brands like Taylor and while Taylor's do sound great overall the Alvarez competes real well.

So here are pics of my green one and my newly aquired cherry burst one. If you are in the market for a nice acoustic I would definately recommend looking at a Alvarez.

i saw this same bullshit alvarez advertising on craigslist yesterday.
Take your ads somewhere where they are welcome.
How about a high five?

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??? Not sure how this is advertising?

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Dude, I have been a member of this site for a while. I am simply showing my guitars and saying what I think about them. Chill alright?

I don't know what you saw on Craigslist but it wasn't me duh....

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