Which Headphones would you recommend?
SkullCandy, or Sony?
There both $50,
Here's the basic SkullCandy's im looking at:

Now, the Sony ones, are one's at Wal*Mart,
and they sound AMAZING with the test audio thign,
but ive heard the SkullCandy's
kick the sH!t out of Sony.

Ive also heard SkullCandy's break easy, and i believe that.

So, whats the better buy?

EDIT: I found the Sony's i ws talking about!
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Skullcandy's are all flare and no performance. If they're $50, they're going to be shitty. Even the high-end skullcandy's have nothing on good Sennheiser or Sony earphones.

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Skullcandy headphones are horrible. And yes, they will break on you, I had a couple of pairs that I had been given that I used for running and they all broke within a month of getting them.
Go with the Sony. I have a pair of them, and they're good.
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try to find some sennheisers instead. not sure if they make any that are $50, but surely you can find something better than skullcandy or sony
Sony rapes Skullcandy and takes its money. I hate Skullcandy. They break in about 2-8 weeks. I've had about 4 pairs. Longest they lasted was two months. Shortest: two weeks. My Sonys just broke a few days ago (My fault). Got them last Christmas. Best headphones I've had.

But I would get some Shure SE 115s. They list for $120 but the black, red, and blue are all $62 on Amazon.

Edit: Shure's quality is bullet-proof.
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Edit: Shure's quality is bullet-proof.

Are you shure?

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Senheisser HD201s. about 40 bucks(can be found for 20 on sale online) they are huge, comfortable, great sounding, and tough to break. my sis has the 202 i think and also nice but not as comfy for my big head.