I'm putting new speakers in a cab I'm rebuilding, and I'm stuck between Eminence Texas Heat's, and Swamp Thang's. I don't know whether i should get 4 of one/other, or 2 of each.

Anybody have any experience with either? I'd prefer to go with 4 Texas Heat's because they're much cheaper, and I only have so much money, but the Swamp Thang's have more low end and are louder, if I recall. So because of that I'm stuck.

I'm trying to get a low/deep powerful guitar sound, but retaining some high end. I'm playing a basswood guitar(kinda trebly) with high output pickups(more treble) through a Carvin R600(adds some bass), and I've been using Celestion 70-80's, which tend to get pretty muddy. I'm hoping these Eminence's to be clearer, so whichever would be the best for that application, and loud. With the Carvin I'm pushing 600 watts out so they'll have to be 150 watt handling speakers, or else I'll blow them up, since it isn't very loud when it's putting out 175 watts/side (lowest I've been able to go and have been putting out into my speakers).

I'm also open to other recommendations, with the exception of Celestions (they're too expensive and not worth it IMO), but something that's good and moderately cheap ($60-80/speaker)

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I would get two of both, since they both respond differently, but similar, so it will mix together and give you a fuller tone. But the way most UG'er like to wire up two different speakers in a 4x12 is like in a "X" pattern.

Swamp thing-Texas Heat
Texas Heat-Swampthing

Seems to work nicely.

But I actually perfer V30's over em all.
That's what I was thinking, although, my Carvin can be bi-amped, so would it be better to run the Swamp Thangs for the low's, and the Texas Heat's for the high's in an X, or high's on top and low's on the bottom?
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thanks alot ice condition!! your the breast!

The best bosom in all of UG.
You want to keep them mixed, running both in different postions is what gives it a more fuller sound. One thing about sound is it kinda acts like a bullet, the farther it travels the closer it gets to the ground, so having your bass over your treble and your treble over your bass will just amplify each other and you wont loose any of your frequiencies. Thats typically why you see PA speakers on really high stands.