ok I get UG doesnt like them but one of my favorite guitarists, Ron Thal uses Line 6 amps and he gets some really good tone from it. What amp series of Line 6 is good? And why does ti get so much hate?
everything by line6 is great, except for the big spiders, and they're not even that bad they're just overpriced.

basically, the 15 watts spider IV is a practice amp with lots of tones and of effects, and it sounds pretty decent, better than what you'd believe just by reading the posts here

the thing with the bigger ones is that they have the same tone but are more expensive, so at the price of a 150w spider half stack, you could get a decent amp that'll sound good and give you tones that are usable outside of your room
Yeah that was a good awsner^

The actual spider isn't as horrible as you would think by reading some posts. However its without a doubt the worst modelling amp out of the big 4(vypyr, cube, spider, vox). There's no denying that. Its the bigger 150watt and such that are the waste, why buy a giant practice amp instead of one thats worthy of gigging with?

Line 6 pedals are nice, the flextone series are nice, the vettas are amazing, the line 6 hd147 I liked as well. The spider valve MK 1 were nice for the price when they were only like 499. But at 700 no they aren't.
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I just got an Echo Park delay pedal, it was the best I could find for the price with tap tempo. I like most of their stuff.