Hey guys, just wondering how i would hook up a mesa boogie 50/50 power amp to a rocktron chameleon preamp, and then up to a carvin 4x12. Any suggestions would be awesome! thanks alot
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guitar -> preamp -> 50/50 -> 4x12

guitar is plugged into 'input' on preamp

preamp 'out' is plugged into 'input A' on amplifier

plug the 8 ohm speaker out into the input on the cab.

now, this is where things get complicated, because this is a tube head so you will need to be sure the amplifiers output impedance is matched to the cabinet's impedance. it will most likely not immediately damage the ampifier if they are not matched but they may not sound nice or worse. the most ideal setup is to have a 8 ohm 4x12. if your 4x12 is 16 ohm then use at your own risk. there is a way to make 16 ohm mono/ 8 ohm stereo cabs work too...
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