I got a guitar from rondomusic.com and when i got it it was a complete disaster, the neck was bowed and some other stuff.the problem is this very bad buzz on the 1st fret of the low E string. when i first got it the first 5 frets would buzz so bad it wouldnt make sound, so i adjusted the truss rod and fixed it alot but the first fret still buzzez.and i checked the neck and its straight
oh and it has a floyd rose.
and i tried raising the action, but when it stops buzzing the action is WAY to high.
thank you
Whats the specific guitar? It could possibly be a shoddy fret job, the nut, or your strings. Take it to a shop and ask if they can find the problem if you cannot.
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i think the problem is that you bought a $150 guitar. It's a licensed floyd and you can't really expect anything from guitars in that price range.

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You bought a bad guitar from Rondomusic.com? You seem to be the first ever to do so!
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Send it back? And ask for your money back. That site is shit, btw.

And what might your reasoning for that be?
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Send it back. You should not have to adjust the truss rod when you first buy a guitar just to fix fret buzz. I once bought one from Ebay (bad idea) that had a huge crack in the neck. Luckily the guy understood and gave me a full refund.
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Send it back? And ask for your money back. That site is shit, btw.

seriously? you've probably never played an Agile, have you? you can't judge.

TS, you probably just got a lemon. if you're really unsatisfied with it, you can send it back and Kurt will refund you.
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