Hey, thinking about upgrading in the bass world and I'm after a P-bass for that booming rock tone.

Anyone got/tried one, how are they?

Also, how is the Fender 09 quality control? They are around £400+ in England and I'm going to go to town and try one soon

Thanks all
I have one and its the best bass Ive ever played.
Quality control is amazing. I suggest (if you dont have one ) get a fender rumble 15. They sound amazing.
I have an Ashdown 180W but thanks for the advice! Can't wait to try one out. I notice they have the maple fretboard option now, which is AMAZING.

I think I'm gonna go for a red one with maple fretboard and slap a black pickguard on it. What colour is yours Razzle?
great bass. get it dude!!!
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Red and black guard with a maple board would look amazing! That's all I have to offer for this thread, seeing as I haven't played an 09 Fender
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If you're looking at the Mexican one its worth looking at the Squier Vintage Modified version (trust me) as they're on par apart from the Squier being much cheaper and made in Indonesia.

But if you want better quality control CIJ Fenders are better than Mexican with minimal budget stretching.

Overall Fender is always the way forward