I`m going to buy this amp in a week or so and wondered if the wattage has an effect on its sound or is it just how loud it is?

Its only going to be used for practising at home.
that should be plenty loud for practicing at home.

wattage is how much power is being put out by the amp. the higher the wattage, the more headroom. despite common belief, wattage is not how loud an amp is
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both really.

there are many tonal charecteristics derived from the design and components of a circuit, too many to go into effectively. lets just talk about your choice in particular.

your choice is a 15 watt solid state amplifier with digital modeling and effects onboard. solid state(SS) amps tend to 'sound best' when used within it's operating parameters, what this means is SS amps sound good when the volume is not pushed hard enough to distort the power section of the amp. the amplifier on this combo will want to be 'sterile' and very uncolorful so that the modeling components will sound their best by being able to accurately reproduce it's modeling effects.

the operating volume on this amp will be quite low, thats means it can get loud enough to piss of people in the joining apartment(if you want it to) but not loud enough to really keep up with any other instrument in an electric band environment, but will in most acoustic band environments.

this breakdown is very particular to your amp, but the bottomline is your amps components will sound fairly 'flat'(similar sonic charecteristics at varying volumes) up until about 6 or 7 on the volume knob, then your signal will start to degrade and become less favorable. and most of the tone from this amplifier will be derived from the amp modeler.

btw this does not descibe every 15 watt amp out there
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When it comes down to wattage, don't judge it as volume. A 15 watt marshall amp could quite easily be quieter than a 15 watt Fender amp. It's power handling. Within this, you'll have more headroom with a 100 watt amp, but it'll only be twice as loud as a 10 watt amp.

The Vypyr will be plenty loud enough for bedroom practice, and probably have enough oomph to do a mic'd up gig.
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Hi, I currently have the amp and I just want to say for 100 bucks your not really gonna find much better.
I have this amp and have played in a band situation and It has keep up with a bass 15w and and another guitarist with an another 15w and one more guitarist with a 75w plus an acoustic drum set.
we were in a room though so as long as you guys do play TOO loud you should be fine.
oh yeah but be sure to break the speaker in first before cranking it!

If I stretch to a bit more of a higher Price range of £150 would you recommend the 30Watt or a totally different amp?
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If you can afford the the 30 I think the extra features are worth it. I bought a 15 for the small size and portability.
I have this amp, i havent played much but from what i can tell its fantastic. I'm still fiddling with all the dials and settings and effects...so many.