splintered. c4c. ots. etc.

the bluelight mysticism flecked your cheeks,
maybe pulled with the snowflakes to the lonely gas stations
for a pack of smokes and some fleeting moments of warmth,
and when you'd tap your toes to the interstate cadence,
i'd know you really meant you were going this time.
the smell of diesel-soaked asphalt burning the inside of your nostrils,
while you'd smile like a jesuit, so content in your faith,
so scarred with the pages turned in the sequestered nights,
brandy-soaked revelation, clutching your gospel of the disenfranchised.
so often you'd speak of this life or this town or the ache of coming down,
like it was a tantamount to dying all over again, but i think
you really blamed yourself and your friends.
i think you really boiled over with a heart for salad days.
i know you probably won't find what you're looking for,
but i hope you remember someday that to get somewhere,
you've got to leave someplace. i hope you don't forget
the way i cried as you left, clung to your legs and begged,
so little dignity and even less to say.
i hope you wonder what i whispered as you left,
but i doubt you will, i really doubt you can.
I really liked this piece a lot. Just solid writing. I love the imagery in the first four lines and the way you set up the rest of the piece with it. "While you smiled like a jesuit, so content in your faith" is a genius line, at least to me. I kinda felt the imagery towards the end of the piece, but I don't really blame you for that cuz that would be really tough to have great imagery for. Overall just another solid piece. Its one of the best I've seen in a while.
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this is a lot more honest than many of the pieces I've read by you. Maybe I've just been reading them wrong, maybe I haven't read enough, but something about this in particular was so human... you made very beautiful images out of the simple things given, the only 'poetic' aspects were in your execution, but everything else... just vulnerable and in the flesh.

i really enjoyed it
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What a deep wound this piece leaves. There is something about your work that gets under my skin. You have a way of expressing extremely complex emotion. I never once felt like you were being pedantic, and it all felt very comfortable. It was dull, hazy, weary, and jaded, but still brilliant, all at once. I don't really have any suggestions.


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