my friends and i have formed a band(2 guitarists and bassist and a drummer) we have made a lot of rock and metal stuff but we cannot decide on a name. the names we've come up with are "lonely","the buddy system","manimal", and "noise cloud". so not being able to decide I though "why not ask UG?"
Manimal sounds mean
so do it.
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Manimal sounds too cheesy IMO. Out of those I would say noise cloud, but I honestly didn't like any of the names. If you keep thinkiing it you'll get some great ideas
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Manimal is pretty badass
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outta all those... Noise cloud would be the best... have you thought of

Toxic Cloud
Psychic Rapture (sp?)
Disturbing the Dead
Peice of Mind
Spawing the Dead
2 Guitarists, a Bassist & a Drummer
We can't think of a name

these might already exist, i'm just naming stuff off the top of my head
I think you should go with Passive Aggressive Cloud of Deaf.

Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah
TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Noir
Joyo Vintage Overdrive
ZVex Box of Rock
Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl
TC Electronic Flashback
Neunaber Seraphim + EXP
Hotone Wally
if your going with any of your names it wud be manimal...

but seriously, i didnt like anyof them

sanctuary is a good name, but prob taken by 100 crap myspace bands

stolen thunder?
Maninmal is heaps cheesy like gatechballer said.

Tempting Time (Animals As Leaders album)
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