Just wondering what sites online you guys think are great for buying used guitars because I'm looking for a cheap Gibson Les Paul Studio. I've looked through a lot of websites, but frankly, and like everything else you'd buy used, I don't really know what sites I can really trust. Besides Guitar Center, what other websites have you guys dealt with that have given good service and really aren't full of shit?

Also, although it doesn't necessarily have to be included, do you know any sites that would actually let me return a used guitar within a couple days? I'm not dropping the money only to find out I got stuck with a lemon, and I just want to be able to get a feel for the guitar first before really settling with it, because I've tried several of the same model and only about a third of those did I really feel comfortable playing.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
well im pretty sure musicians friend has something like that...?

and there is always craigslist.
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i use kijiji it is like craigslist, i never used craigslist so i dunno which is better
^ I have used both. And have had better luck with Craigslist.

Also pawnshops "sometimes" can have a hidden gem. Rarely though.
Craig's list is the best IMHO I have gotten Actual Gibson Les Pauls for as low as $500.00 not just studios. Hell I got a Gibson BFG for $350.00 and resold it that day and made $300 profit. The next best place is local classifieds then pawn shops. You rarely get a deal at guitar shops. You can do much better in a privet sale. 99% of the time people selling privately have gotten low ball offers from guitar shops.

musicgoround.com and daddys.com are 2 others. Daddy's shipping rates are REALLY high however (at least double that of most places). The trick is to call the particular store and ask a TON of questions before committing to buy.
Holy shit Cragislist thank you :P

I used to think Craigslist was a scammers paradise and never bothered to take a look but wow.
I should have mentioned this because Craig's list can be plagued with scammers there really is no protection from fraud like on Ebay. If you buy from Craig's list only buy local where you can see, play, pay for and take home ASAP. NEVER send money to anyone on Craig's List and expect anything to get shipped!

Yeah I'm looking in my area and found a deal that seems too good to be true in a city that I could walk to. A Gibson Les Paul and an American Strat for 900$! Having the comfort of being able to play it in person is great.
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Well.....ya know.....there is always Ed Roman!

and if you buy from ed roman, he's already inconvenienced himself and fixed every problem the guitar could ever have for you already!

kidding of course. his site is always great for a good laugh. haha
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If the guitar you buy doesn't feel good and sound good to you, you won't play it. I know many more people who have a guitar they never play than I do actual guitarists. Even myself too.
Don't be swayed by popular brand names. Just because a guitar has a name you've heard of on it doesn't mean it's a good guitar. It also doesn't mean it's right for you.
Electric guitars can be made of almost anything, but again, avoid plywood.Good electric guitars are usually heavy as a result. Ash, maple, and walnut are all popular.
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