Check out some of our songs guys, let us know what you think! Listen to Shipwrecked and Take a Breath, my personal favorites.
i saw you had no replies yet so i thought id give your tunes a listen n comment, i went on your myspace hopin to hear some good alternative music.

it was great! your music is just the style that i love and the music was great to listen to, im gonna keep lsitening to them. especially Shipwrecked thats defo my favourite. one thing tho is i think you cood work on the vocals a bit to make it sound a bit more alive.

but its great work guys well done, please let me know if you make any new songs so i can have a listen

cheers, Joe
Yeah I loved the first part of the chorus in Shipwrecked but the low voice was 1) overpowering the instruments 2) too boring....sorry
Idk...new singer maybe? Or just change his style to be more exciting?
The recording was rushed a bit for a release, so shipwrecks not the best track vocally.

Look at Take a Breath, that has some pretty great vocals.