I just posted a recently recorded original. Please take a listen.


Guitar is done through a Digitech emulated Marshall JCM2000 with gain all the way up, some live ambience, and a decent amount of mid on the EQ.

It was the first time I recorded vox and achieved a sound that I didn't want to throw out the window of my car. I took some advice from my bassist - copy the clean vocal track, and add post recording fx at a low volume so that it doesn't turn out like mud. Now if only I could get a REAL singer to sing it... . Recording was on a $10 dynamic mic. I'll try a pop filter next time...

Our band is a classic rock band, mostly covers, and we like to play parties/bars with a 30-40 yr-old demographic.

Please provide any feedback. Most specifically, I was wondering if the song would be considered entertaining/enjoyable for its intended audience.