so me and my best friend who happens to play bass decided to start a band, I'm mainly a guitar player but got voted to sing as well. his gf plays drums and we got this other friend that doesnt really do anything but we let him in the band anyway. we mainly listen to punk but also into some metal influences as well. Anyways we are not extremists or anything but want to put our beliefs into the music. I came up with the names Fact From Fiction and well...Forgotten Damage lol. but anyways was wanting some ideas for band names and the like. thanks.
im having the same problem with my band, We play rock and pop rock. Some good names would be influenced by possible covers of bands you play like if you play metallica you could name your band Master of Puppets or if you play Rammstein you could name it Du hast, That's one way you could do it

Good luck and...

Shred on Brother
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In the Bandleading sub-forum of Musician Talk there's a thread specifically for band name help... I think it's called The ONLY Band Name Thread. Ask in there.