Alright, ive been playing guitar for about 4 years now, writing for about 3. Im kinda stuck in a rut. Cant write any original riffs... Ive been attempting to write some glam rock kinda stuff just to try something different. So, i come to you guys for advice on how to get out of my rut.
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You should do what my mates Rudi van Disarzio and Spider Dijon did! To get some inspiration, they wandered the desert looking for the New Sound but where attacked by a bandit called Betamax. They defeated him, which opened their minds and helped them write the best new riffs and songs ever created! Hope this helps!
All of my original riffs just start out as a variation of a Dream Theater riff, or an Iron Maiden riff or something like that. Then I just try to expand on it a bit, change the notes, change the phrasing, and then you have a new riff.
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I say just start jamming just play random notes tell you come up with something that seems like it would get the original riff you can ever get