I popped into the local guitar shoppe this afternoon and tried out a couple amps that i'm thinking about buying, just want to get some of your guys' expert (?) knowledge about them...

Fender Bassman 150: I liked this one, it sounded really great with my Fender Jazz plugged in, but it was a little on the pricey side ($550)

SWR WorkingPro 10: This one was pretty nice too, I didn't feel like i was getting too much low-end out of this one, maybe i just had the tone knobs set wrong or something. A little closer to my price range ($440)

Marshall MB60: This one sounded pretty great, but I was rather thrown off by the "modern" and "classic" amp sound choices, can anyone clarify the point of this/what the difference is? Although it was also in my price range ($420) I wasn't sure if it was worth it if i'm paying for these different amp choices, I'll only be playing one at a time...

Besides those 3, are there any other amps I should give a try? They had a couple Peavey amps, Ibanez, another Fender model (cant remember the name). Im gonna get an amp after the holidays, seeing as I might have some extra money to spend, I think i'm gonna have around $400 to drop on one of these. Any help would be appreciated! Merry Christmas!
i would say if your playing a fender jazz go with fender because amp companies like fender make their guitars to go well with their amps.

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Quote by iceh88
i would say if your playing a fender jazz go with fender because amp companies like fender make their guitars to go well with their amps.


Anyway I own the Bassman 150 and honestly it's a great amp for what it is, but honestly the thing I feel as though it really lacks is tone. I feel as though great amps should really help color your tone and aid in your overall sound while I feel as though it's a little on the "clear" side if you will. Not a bad amp though if your bass is a higher quality one, so if your Jazz is MIM you may want to reconsider but a higher model I say it's a fine choice

*Edit: I just went and saw that yours is a MIM, but you said you like it with the amp so I say to each their own but I also recommend looking at my input below \/

I own an SWR head and I have a complaint or two about it as a head but it solid, reliable and the tone is very shape-able so I'm not going to straight up recommend to you the SWR but know that if you choose it it'll be a work horse for you but since I don't know anything about the particular model there may be (and probably are) better options.

Marshall you're paying for a name. Straight up. Their guitar amps are legendary and bass amps are starting to make a name for themselves but for what they are they are overpriced. Good quality on them, but if you want your moneys worth look else where.

I recommend you look at a GK

And though I've never used one myself Ashdowns consistently receive great reviews. Here's this combo
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