whats up with the reverb on the rect-o-verb?
its not very good. i couldnt hear it clearly on the amp.

i love the amp it sounds beast. and i have a chance to get it, but the reverb isnt my cup of tea.and i dont have the money to buy a pedal if i buy it lol. ill be broke as hell f or months.

might there be something wrong with it or what?
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no nothing is wrong i have heard from alot of people that the reverb is awful of the recto's. they say if you want decent reverb on a mesa look at a mark V or a lonestar.

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do you like the tone of the amp?

yes? buy it.
no? dont.

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do you like the tone of the amp?

yes? buy it.
no? dont.


this. reverb is secondary
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i may be wrong but isnt the rectoverb essentially the same as a single rec plus reverb?

no, not really. It has a better tone than the standard.

on to TS's question, a lot of people don't like stock mesa reverbs. I think it's a little too "intense". My buddy has a lonestar which sounds amazing until you hit the reverb. It goes from absolutely nothing to instant cave-verb with a small touch. I think you can get some really good replacement tanks for it though that will tone it down a little.

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Maybe the reverb was broken? The reverb on every Rectoverb I've tried was great
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I have a rectoverb,I bought it new and the reverb has always been that way.You just turn it a tiny bit and you get a ton.the only difference I can tell in turnung it up more is that it gets louder