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Rough demo sort of dealy. Recorded this pretty quickly. It's an epic blues rock ambient mish mash, experimenting with tone colours and harmonies mainly. Wondering whether to turn it into a full blown song.... your helpful comments are appreciated!

I think it sounds quite different from anything I've recorded, I really hope you all enjoy it.

Am always loving to hear everyone elses creativity so I'm very happy to return the critique. Hit me up with some stuff I can listen to.

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Hey sorry about the late crit.

Anyways, I thought it was great. I loved the atmosphere and the mood of the track. All of the layering was great, it was like an orchestra but with guitars sorta. The soloing was great. All the different instruments are great, the piano and whatnot. The vocals near the end were a pleasant surprise. Overall a great track dude.
Hey man ... I really love the intro .. the way it builds reminds a lot of Tool ... and too some extent Portugal the man. If you could write some lyrics for it, it could become a truly awesome song or at the very least cut it half and use it as an interlude

btw here's mine
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Kind of reminds me of "The Submarines" (The intro). So far I'm really really digging this! Haha, the bust-out, pretty solid man, mixed really well, decent tones overall (The overdrive channel sounds pretty digitally), I like you're guitar style though, very tight, and I loved the choral thing at the end haha, very epic.

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