I am buying a new acoustic after christmas and I am down to choosing between and Ibanez ew20asent and a big baby Taylor. They are around the same cost. I would feel "safe" buying BBT because they are well known for being dependable, having exceptional sound, good tone, and good playability. The Ibanez isn't as popular of a guitar, but it's look is what mostly catches my eye. It's beautiful! I have done research on it, read TONS of reviews, and watched lots of youtube videos, and it seems like a pretty all round solid guitar. Also, a plus is the built in tuner and being able to plug it in. This doesn't matter much to me as I don't own an acoustic amp nor do I plan on buying one any time soon, but it could be convenient when I need to play gigs. 99.9% of the time I would be playing it unplugged though.
Another thing that appeals to me about the taylor is the size. I am a girl and I have a very petite frame.. and im only 5'4.. so when holding an acoustic (even my own dreadnought) it tends to look very big on me. I have a feeling the taylor will be easier for my to play and properly position my body.

Please let me know your opinions on which guitar is more worth my money. I will be going to guitar center and playing both to compare them after Christmas but I would like more feedback before I even go there.
Ibanez isn't really known for their acoustics, Taylor's much better in that area.
Big Baby Taylor without a doubt in this case. The Ibanez may look good to you, but I can guarantee you it's made poorly. Like you, when I first started to look at guitars I would read hundreds of reviews. Now that I'm quite experienced with acoustic guitars, I'll tell you one thing. User reviews can't be used as a valid source for basing your opinions on an instrument.

People who write reviews are usually...
1. Trying to validate their purchase. They don't want to admit that they may have not gotten the best guitar for themselves.
2. Have a "buyers high". They have probably just bought the guitar and are plenty excited about their purchase. They'll overlook the guitar's flaws and only see good.
3. Trying to make themselves feel better. "My $300 guitar plays and sounds just as good as a $2000 guitar". No, no it doesn't. If someone actually thinks that, they're either liars or they have horrible hearing.

As for watching and listening audio recordings on youtube and other media, recordings never do the guitar justice for what it really is. It'll be very different in person.

Since you said that you'll almost never use the electronics, don't buy them. It doesn't make good sense to pay for a guitar that costs say...(this is an example) $1000, but $200 of that price is going towards the electronics. Onboard tuners on guitar pickup systems have never worked well in my experience. Not even on a $3000+ Martin DC Aura.

Here's a good read for you... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1233360

In the end, the best advice anyone can give you is just to try out every single guitar you can get your hands on. Move on to the next guitar if you don't like one. Stay longer on a guitar you like more. Even if it's out of your price range.
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The fatal flaw in your tests, TS, is that you haven't physically tried any guitars. Do this before you go off and make a purchase.
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i knew how i'd answer this before i actually opened the thread. this particular ibanez has traded having a solid top - which is important for good quality sound - for electronics. because of the price of the guitar, we know they won't be great electronics, but they could be okay. still, plugged or unplugged, not having a solid top is going to hold this ibanez back.

ibanez aren't as well made as taylor, and they don't sound as good. they have more sex appeal because they focus on looks. taylor focuses on consistent quality guitars. their finishes, frets, everything is consistent.

also if you feel a bit uneasy with the plainness of the big baby, have you considered these solid top yamahas? fgx720sca, fg720s, fg730s, fgx730sc. i'd also check out any and all seagulls in your price range as they're good quality and there's lots of variety. both seagull and yamaha are known for their build quality , sound and finishes. also the blueridge br-40 sounds and looks good if you can get past that blingy headstock
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Ibanez isn't really known for their acoustics, Taylor's much better in that area.

when i saw this thread, i thought it should have been the obvious taylor. like who would willingly choose a piece of junk over a nicer piece of junk. kidding.

but seriously, take the taylor. if possible though, play any other guitar except those made by electric guitar companies. the only exception to this rule i really can think of at the moment is epiphone.

other companies to look for are seagull, blueridge, yamaha, alvarez, and takamine. i don't really recommend anything outside this range for "midrange" guitars.
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patticake and captivate both have what I was pretty much going to say but with more words >_>
The Taylor will be better than the Ibanez. In the end though, its your purchase. We aren't the ones that have to live with where you spend your money. I'd stay away from getting an acoustic for the looks. If anything, I'd say blindfold the person when they want to get a guitar -_-'
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Thank you so much for all your replies I really appreciate it
my family surprised me last night... they bought me the BBT for christmas!
its absolutely beautiful and I don't regret it whatsoever! I'm so excited : -)