Hey, this is my first attempt at writing any Thrash and I think it turned out well.
It's a bit Cliche though in my opinion.

Main Influences were Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Steel. Also as Limaj daas has picked up on there is some viking metal influence in there, mainly from listening to a fair bit of Bathory not too long ago.

I have updated the attachments with the current version of the song. It is still incomplete as the bass and the drums need some work but I added a solo and changed up the interlude a little bit. I think the solo kind of puts the rest of the song to shame but the song is fairly short overall.

EDIT: edited solo, interlude and Pre-Chorus.
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Well your intro riff.. It is pretty used chord line, so it's not odd that you have heard something like it. First 3 riffs were pretty nice, I like this kind of riffs. But you still should be more creative with drums and bass. Sound is pretty sloppy since they are so repeating. Your interlude was nice, but didn't like bass line really. Well, your song is nice, listenable track in 15 song trash metal album, but it wasn't very memoreable and it was pretty repeating. Add solo(s) ? Also improve drums and bass. But drums.. They were too boring, something nice, fills or something not all the time doublebass.
Right from the start I knew I'd like it, haha. Interlude reminded me of Deadly Sinners by 3 Inches of Blood, pretty cool. The quarter notes and the end of every second bar could've been made into something more IMO though. (maybe a pull off onto 6 or 5, whichever one sounds right when you punch it in).

I do like this song but there really isn't much depth to it, there's just a few riffs repeated. Would be cool if you added a solo or something.

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I like this quite a bit. I'm a pretty big fan of thrash. And although you mention Megadeth and Slayer, a lot of it is closer to Viking Metal, including the title. Don't worry, I like it anyways. Your intro is probably the thrashiest part and your pre-chorus sounds... Scandinavian. Your interlude was pretty cool, it seemed like a tamed version of later Death riffs. That's a cool thing btw. Breakdown could've used a bit of rhythmic variation. Or different harmonies but It's nice. And your outro is your intro/verse/chorus so nothing much to say there.

Your song is really repetitive. You have a few good riffs but not enough for a full on song. Try just jamming for a while or even changing up some riffs that are there to be more interesting. That way you could do original riff followed by modded original riff. Hmm... and yeah, as Demonology said, a solo would be nice. The song is a good listen, but only once or twice. And it borders on cliche metal stuff. However, if you add just a few more sections with new riffs, a bridge or two, a nice solo. It would be pretty damn sweet.

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I really liked the song, at the start that is.

Then it just repeated over and over and over and over. Kinda fail.
I have updated the OP with the current version of the song, which includes a solo and edited drums/bass.
Not bad, honestly. Thrash isn't even a genre I enjoy really. But it was like... thrashy black metal. But it was really repetitive [which wasn't really too big of a deal, because it was so short].

I can't say much other than I liked the two main riffs. They were pretty good. However, I was disappointed, cause of the beginning of the Pre Chorus. It sounded like you had the beginning of a really epic melody, which needs to be expanded on, and could probably become the chorus. Because your chorus at the moment is the same as the verse. which gets old.

The outro solo is very well done however. Really nice solo there. I like it. A bit noodly/shreddy for my liking but nice.

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Here goes the crit:
Intro is pretty nice, nothing special, but it gets the song going.
Pre-Chorus does the job fine but it's nothing really mind-breaking
Flows well into the chorus
I like the interlude, fits nicely ^^
Flows well into the Verse and then the Pre-Chorus
But then there is that same riff again.. It starts getting boring by now. But that may be just me, 'cause I'm used to lots of variation. Maybe you can try something different for the verse, or try adding some lead over the Chorus. I don't know, but I guess it would be a more interesting listen
The Interlude is still really awesome, but maybe try a little variation in the bass/drums? Would make it more awesome
Then the solo. Really liked it! Fast and shreddy, but still melodic. So yea, I like that. It ended a bit too quickly maybe, but it didn't bother me really

So overall I think it's pretty good song. I liked the riffs (nothing really special, but not bad either), but a little more variation is welcome. I'm also not so fond of trash metal, but I enjoyed most parts.The fact that it was a pretty short song was a good thing really (at least for me)

7.5/10. (could be 8.5 or 9/10 if you add a bit more variation)
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Intro/verse - I thought this riff was a bit generic. I don't think this riff was enough to hold up the song. I would say maybe spice up the rhythm of the drums to add more of a original feel.

Pre-chorus- I didn't like the transition from Intro to this. Maybe think about adding a better drum fill or something? Overall, I really like this riff. I really like the transition from this riff to the verse.

Interlude - Pretty generic but its doing its job.

Outro solo - Didn't really enjoy the solo. Not in my taste.

Overall, the song has a lot of transition problems, in my opinion. The most of the riffs were also kinda generic and etc. Overall, I thought this song was alright. I give it a good 5.5 - 6/10.
The intro indeed has a chord progression that's been overused in trash metal. The harmony riff wasn't too special either. I do like how the bass gets to do some stuff, that's not very common in trash metal.

The solo wasn't bad, but it was way too wanky to be that long.

I'm sorry for the short crit, but then again it was a short song. All in all, it's actually good for a first attempt. It sounded generic, but that's pretty normal when you're writing in a certain genre for the first time.

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