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He was too stunned by my fresh truths.

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"And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you darn kids and your meddling and your breakadowns!"

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Metal is a sub-genre of metalcore since metalcore is more popular therefore better.
I bet the searchbar gets used even less than the Christian Side Hug.
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TL;DR: Saw a girl at Wal-Mart, she started feeling me up, I jizzed in my pants.

Shit, I'm so pathetic.

[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']I agree, tone does sound better the closer your genitals are to the ground.


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You know what's really fail?

Using the word "fail."

Your logic is insufficient to consider it win.
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hurrr durrr religion is ehvul i know it because i foundz a video on utuub derrrr

Shush now, and go back to your basement.
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You know what's really fail?

Using the word "fail."

I think this is some of the best reading on here. Fail only makes you look and sound like an incoherent moron.

ALSO: Don't call it religion. Not ALL religions do that, and not all religious people are like that.
I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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Funny how in the video hes like 'you will be riding home in a coma', yet the message to the song is about giving people Christian Side hugs and respecting God.
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The pit has already gained all available lulz from this video.
Begin again in the night, let's sway again tonight.
Your arm on my shoulder, your cheek against mine.
Where can we go, when will we find that, we know.
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Pfft. Side hugs are for wanna-be Christians. I'm so Christian I handshake with one finger.

I'm so Christian, that I looked at a girl's breasts and burnt my eyes out.

I'm really Christian, and I stare at boobies all the time....
I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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Watch and you will be amazed at the message religion is trying to give -.-

Whoa guys, hold up, we got a badass atheist on our hands.
If it were socially acceptable, I would drape myself in velvet.

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When I was 11.

Googled "I would like to watch some porn please"

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I;m rdruk I feel no pain

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Reported. This thread has already been done.

You should consider getting a life. Just kidding.

EDIT: what in Christs name is a side hug? I can't watch the video, no speakers atm
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I've never wanted to see a guy eat dick so much in my life.
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If you are white, you are scum.
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Shush now, and go back to your basement.

I'm going to have to agree with this.

TS, if you think these guys represent the majority of Christianity, you're a moron.
I'm confused
RIP Ronnie James Dio

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Basically god wanted to punish people for getting educated/eating apples.

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We all desire a little pussy.