So today I was looking at some of my tab books and the tuning for most of the songs was standard half step down. Now the song is played in Eb major but for some reason the key signature is for the Key of E major. Why isn't it Eb? And along the same lines why for the same tuning (half step down) are chords listed in as if the tuning is still standard? E.G. B major isn't called B major it's called C major. Is this more of a simple convience that people remember what a C chord fingering looks like? Same thing goes for when a capo is used.

What are your thoughts?

sounds like its for convenience.
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Quote by dez_cole
sounds like its for convenience.

+1 It's just to make things easier. Keep it simple.
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Because when a typical guitarist looks at standard notation, they're going to go for a specific fret. If the note says "C", most will go for that note that's normally a C, regardless of tuning. So if they wrote it as "B", it might be interpreted wrong. Of course, having tab negates that a bit, but I guess it's for convenience.
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usually you'll notice a note saying something like : all notes sound half step lower than written". It is merely for convenience, when i see a note written, i think of where its at, not the actual note it is