Tell me what you guys think. The singing's pretty terrible in my opinion, but I did the song mostly for the solo since I've seen no user on YouTube do it at least as far as I've seen. But critique, rate, and comment telling me what you think. Be brutal.

linkage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfF9qGDkQmo

Thanks, guys.

This is a good effort and did enjoy it altough when recording try and turn the reception on the mic down a bit to get rid of the harsh sound.

The solo was nice and the song is pretty cool.

Now the crits lol - No, tbf your playing is really relaxed and cool. I appriciate youre not a singer primarily and you know that doesnt mean you cant sing. I think whats interesting is there is one simple thing to do to combat this and that is to have more belief! Just relax when singing. The more you worry about geting the note right and hitting the top notes, the more you mental wind yourself up the harder it is. Singing should be easy and should not be difficult. Just breathe and just let the song come out. Dont worry about the sound cause as soon as you do youll get back into the rut.

There were times in the song where youre voice sounded fine and it seemed to be the times when you were concentrating more on the guitar that the voice which just help concrete my above argument.

I hope this helped. I'd love for you to review a piece I did on my profile. This is the link to the thread. It's old but it didnt really get any feedback :/



I've listened to it about four times since I've posted. I love it.

Seriously, Ariel and Sebastion would be proud.

There's a part at 1:25 where there's an awkward pause and it's like you forgot the words. I'm not actually sure if it's supposed to be there or not, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

GREAT singing, by the way. I like your harmonies as well.
Hey, I like that song!

Your singing isn't terrible at all. You're not Josh Groban or something, but you have a pleasantly relaxed voice. I kind of wish your mic hadn't been overloading. Nice job on the solo. It seems a little out of place some of the time but it probably wouldn't with a backing guitar. It's hard to phrase a solo like that without some sort of backing. I'd love to hear this recorded with better equipment.

Great job!

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