Hey there.

I've got some money laying around and thought of building a road case. Why a road case? Well, for protection of my gear around the house, make it cleaner, and gives me something to do. Why a double head? If i want another head later on.

Check out the design i just done, tell me what you think and what is wrong. I have steel and the mesh, but just need to order some wood with the parts including foam. I've seen threads like this with no reply, so if i make it i might be able to help others who want something to do.

70 views and no replies?

Anyways, when it comes to rack units, does there have to be a gap in the middle of each unit, or can they be put on top and bolted in?

I want to have 6U:

So should i use 2x3U




There are rack frames, but i can't find pictures.




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