I have a microcube and is considering hooking the rec/out to the input of the ac4tv to take advantage of the 10 inch speakers and tube.

Do you think this would work?
Technacally yes (at least if I understand it correct what you're planning).

But why would you like to do something like this? Compared to the AC4 the microcube sounds shit, and it will not sound any better if you're running this through your AC4. The sound's still produced in the Microcube.
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It would probably work and sound like complete arse because your digitally processed signal from the cube will be distorted and colored by the amp.
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The thing is to use the large speaker's of the AC4TV to amplify the cube's tone.

My only worry is that the preamp will color the tone badly since the ac4tv does not have an effects loop.

I was considering doing it this way, or modify the microcube to have a speaker out so I can hook it to a 10 inch 4 ohms speaker cab i intend to build myself or something.
^ No you'd be better off playing your AC4TV which is a far superior amp.
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