So i want to upgrade my MIM stratocaster tremolo and i don't know what to choose. Which are the best quality tremolos? Help please
Are you willing to do some routing and re-drilling? If so then the Trem King would be right up your alley. Otherwise Wilkinson and Gotoh make both great units, so do Callaham for the more vintage feel.
Callaham are too brittle sounding IMO.

You can modify a std strat trem to make it better (for a 6screw trem; don't like the sound of a 2 point):

1) swap the POS trem arm for a steel one (I like to cut the arm length down by about 1" to 1.5" for a stiffer feel)
2) remove the goopy paint crap they cover the trem in
3) if it doesn't have a steel trem block replace it for one
4) use quality bent saddles (the callahams have an odd break angle; I prefer the "normal" ones you get from all parts of similar)
5) use all 5 springs; the larger diameter ones sound better to me
6) pivot on the 2 outer screws only so that you get about a major third upward bend on the g

With a good set up that's hard to beat; hopefully I didn't miss anything. It's a bit of work but the payoff is worth it IMO... If you want to go for a 2 point the hipshot is the best I've tried but is no match for a 6screw.

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