can this be done at home? does anyone have the schematics so I can go and get the parts? any help will be muchly appreciated.
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from freestompboxes.org:

Quote by devastator

hi, some mods :
Diezel mod:

C35 : remove
C34 .047uF
C25 : remove
these three mods remove harsh

C42 1uf
D4 1n4001 ------ make the sound more dynamic and full
C36 .1uf----- EQ more usefull

Boogie/Bogner mod:

C35 a enlever
C34 .047uF
C36 1uF
D3 led
D4 1n4001

R46 increase values, more pre-distortion + mids
R41 reduce value you obtain more distortion (470ohms to start)

Mods don't have the same sound of diezel amp or Bogner amp, but it can be better tant the stock sound.

Keeley mod:

C20 .22uf
c42 .1uf
c37 , c39 , c17 , c11 1uf
c8 .22uf
c9 .1uf
c20 .22uf
d3 , d4 LED

(the guy is french, so when he says 'DEL', that just means 'LED'. a enlever just means you should remove the component )

also, just for interest:
Quote by analogguru

The best mod i would suggest is:
1.) lift C 034 at the side of pin 6 from U3
.....solder a wire to the free end of C034
.....solder a wire in the empty hole
.....connect those 2 wires to a switch

With this mod you can switch on/off the pre-distortion eq

2.) lift C020 and C024 from the pcb at the side of pin 6 of U4
.....solder a wire to the free end of C020
.....solder the wire to a switch
.....solder a wire to the free end of C024
.....solder this wire to a nother switch
.....solder a wire in the empty hole
.....solder this wire to the free contact of both switches.

With this mod you can play around with the post-distortion-eq.

and yeah, it's totally possible to do at home. can you solder and desolder?
cheers mate, yeah my soldering is alright, I just need to get ahold of a desoldering sucker

I'm presuming these are the little ceramic caps too?#
and when it says remove C35 and C25, I'm assuming I should bridge it after?

thanks for the help