I've noticed a trend in most Marshall pedals to capture the kind of mid-heavy, Tubescreamer boosted kind of Marshall sound. Which is a great sound, but I find I can get that already.

The kind of Marshall tones I've always really liked are the Trebley, trashy kinds of ones. I also like the sound of higher gain Marshall amps used for metal - for example the JCM2000. The kind of sound I'm thinking about I've heard a few times before, it's kind of half way between a post punk, Daniel Ash or Gang of Four kind of sound and a metal distortion, but Marshall voiced. I guess a lot of punk bands would have had this kind of sound.

Is there a pedal that captured this kind of sound? The Son of Hyde looks like it might not be too far off. I've heard one clip that's exactly I describd but most other clips I've heard have been a bit meh. Most dirt boxes I've tried don't do "Trebley" very well, once you go Trebley it also gets very weak, or it just plain doesn't get that Trebley at all. The Russian Big Muff is the one pedal I have that does it well, but that's a Fuzz.
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the rothwell hellbender is supposed to sound like a marshall plexi, so that may be worth a look at
Either of the recommended pedals would be great.
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I don't know of any pedal that emulates the JCM 2000 but I'm sure you can get close. The LovePedal Purple Plexi 800 has a lot of gain on tap and can give that modern Marshall impression if you run it in conjunction with an OD.
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Yeah, I'm looking for more of a modern Marshall sound I think, though I think if there was a pedal that was basically a hotrodded Plexi sound that'd be interesting too. It has to have quite a bit of gain.

I was in love with the Crunch Box for ages but it can only do the one mid heavy honky sound.
Nah OCD really isn't high gain enough, plus it seems always seemed a bit Vanilla to me. I think I shouldn't have included the word Marshall really even though I've heard this sound come from Marshalls...