Upon hearing of EZDrummers superiority to the competition, I downloaded it. At first, it ran relatively smoothly. I used it exclusively in Reaper. When I wanted to cut down and consolidate, I started to use it in FL Studio 9, my main DAW. It seemed to run okay, but I kept getting errors that the settings weren't able to be loaded. It should be noted that despite the fact I made presets, in Reaper, they never loaded properly, and I had to go about it manually. Also, in FL Studio, the presets were saved, but had to be selected, even if the project was saved with those settings. Thinking this was from a faulty download, I simply purchased an official copy, as I'd become quite attached to the software. My computer had been formatted recently, and I thought it'd clear out any bugs. It didn't, and FL Studio still claims that "there was an error sending the settings to the plug in". What should I do? Is this a common problem?
Have you downloaded the most recent update for it? I know there was a problem similar to that when used in Reaper in the older versions of EZD which was fixed in updates.

Apart from that I dunno what to suggest, I've never used it in FL before, only Cubase and Reaper.
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